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Inspired by the comic book "Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person ~ A Memoir in Comic" by Miriam Engelberg, "All The Cheese In The World" is a one woman show about a woman, Miriam,  facing breast cancer with grace, humor and unconditional love for life... and cheese.



Winner of the Teatro Filodrammatici Marietti Grant.

written by Stefano Piantoni

directed by Fabio Boverio

produced by Irene Turri in collaboration with Teatro Filodrammatici

"Homenaje a Mi Alma" (Homage to My Soul) is an indipendent neo-noir short film set in the late 70s. Pablo and Tata are stuck in a New York restaurant, with only few moments left to be together. All they can hang onto is each other and an old Bolero melody they both remember so well...

Homenaje is currently on post production... follow the making of the movie on Instagram at @homenaje_a_mi_alma

written by Irene Turri

directed by Dan de Jesus

with Arieh Alexander, Bashir Solebo, Irene Turri

produced by Irene Turri and Dan de Jesus

"Neighbors, An Anti-Romantic Comedy" is the romanticized adaptation of real life events. Based on Irene's stand-up sets and Francesco's emails home during their first few months in New York, Neighbors turns around Leonardo and Petra's lives: they start out as acquaintances living in the same Brooklyn building and end up inseparable friends, almost siblings, maybe... lovers?

NYC InScena! Theatre Festival 2014

Italian Tours 2014/2016

written by Francesco Meola and Irene Turri

directed by Ilaria Ambrogi 

produced by Oyes Company


"Like a Scene From a Movie" is a short rom-com set in Manhattan, New York. When Caterina turns up unexpectedly outside Matthew's cafe, their friendship is put to the test one last time...

LASFAM is completed and we're currently submitting to festivals.

story by Irene Turri

written by Irene Turri and Cornelius McMoyler

directed by Dan de Jesus and Irene Turri

produced by Dan de Jesus and Irene Turri

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